Terms & Conditions

When ordering products and/or services at Fabulousrealestatephoto.com, an agreement is entered between Fabulousrealestatephoto.com and you(Client) with the following terms and conditions:


All Orders are made through Fabulousrealestatephoto.com’s online platform.


All prices are in United States Dollars. Currently, Bitcoin is not accepted.

Payment terms

All Fabulousrealestatephoto.com clients prepay for the services and products and all payments are made directly on the website. Fabulousrealestatephoto.com accepts a range of credit and debit cards. When the client orders a photo session, then the client pays a deposit and the remaining balance is due when the photographs are delivered to the client’s account.

In case legal action is required to collect unpaid balances, the client agrees to compensate Fabulousrealestatephoto.com for all expenses related to claim unpaid sums, which includes lawyer’s fees and other legal expenditures.

Rescheduling or canceling an appointment

Regardless of the reason, a client may log into her or his account 4 hours prior to a scheduled session and cancel or reschedule an appointment. Please log in since emails, text, or phone calls are not accepted. If the client cancels 4 hours before a scheduled session, then Fabulousrealestatephoto.com shall return the deposit to the client’s card. Please allow the merchant processor two or three business days to apply the credit. If the client reschedules, then the deposit is held and applied for the rescheduled session.

If the client must cancel or reschedule less than 4 hours prior to the session, then the deposit is applied to the session and not refunded.

Access to property

The client/seller shall provide access to the property. If the client/seller is late or isn’t present to provide access to the property at the agreed scheduled time, Fabulousrealestatephoto.com will consider waiting time of more than 20 minutes as no show, and the deposit fee is applied to the order.

Delivery times

Images and other products are usually delivered within 24 hours following a completed photoshoot during Monday-Friday and Sunday. If the photo session occurs on a Saturday,Fabulousrealestatephoto.com shall deliver the images and services on Monday.

Preparation for photography

When the photographer arrives for the scheduled session, the client shall have the property ready to photograph. Photographers shall not move items, clean or rearrange items, furnishings in rooms within the property before, during or after a booking.

Express bookings & weekend sessions

Because of the 12 hour advance time for ordering an appointment, the website platform can’t accept same day orders. However, please call Stephen at 225-413-8664 to discuss whether it’s possible to photograph the listing today.

For weekend photo sessions, Fabulousrealestatephoto.com doesn’t charge extra.

Weather conditions

In case of heavy rain, wind or storm, the photo session can be scheduled for another time, free of charge. Please call Stephen at 225-413-8664.


Fabulousrealestatephoto.com has the copyright (copyright-owner) and grants the client the right to use the copyright-license for any marketing purposes. The license to the copyright is non-exclusive, non-transferable rights, meaning that you cannot transfer/give/sell/borrow Fabulousrealestatephoto.com photographs that we photograph for you to a 3rd party (e.g. another listing agent).

The client may use the photographs from Fabulousrealestatephoto.com on MLS, Websites, Social Media, Flyers, Email Marketing and Printing purposes etc.

Fabulousrealestatephoto.com owns the copyright to any and all photographs and any products ordered.

Remember to always provide Fabulousrealestatephoto.com the photo-credit, if photographs are featured in magazines, newspapers and other publications.

Internet presentation

All images shown on the Internet are the property of Fabulousrealestatephoto.com and Fabulousrealestatephoto.com has the unlimited rights to use these pictures.

Personal information / privacy policy/ communications

Client automatically provides Fabulousrealestatephoto.com the right to use the photos taken for you, for marketing and advertising purposes of Fabulousrealestatephoto.com (e.g. in newsletters, banners, online and offline advertising and Social Media as well as print, TV-commercials etc.)

Fabulousrealestatephoto.com privacy policy is located on the website.

As a client of Fabulousrealestatephoto.com you automatically agree to receiving SMS Text Messages, Emails, Phone Calls and Other Marketing from Fabulousrealestatephoto.com. Should you have any questions regarding the protection of your information, please contact us at info@Fabulousrealestatephoto.com.

General information

Fabulousrealestatephoto.com is owned and operated by Fabulous Real Estate Photo, LLC, which is registered with the Louisiana Secretary of State.